Tallys CM

Another masterpiece complete!!!


So I have a question to my viewers. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in commission work of this caliber for your character? I would like to find a generalized ballpark to where my viewers enjoy the work. Another example would be the last image I did of Cymre for her Pet Master npc. Would very much appreciate the feedback on this idea. Thanks for looking.

Grand Master Pet Trainer

So something that I was working on for some time
So ya! Been working on this and was, at the time I started, waiting for the npc so I could have a reference to work with. This was a really picked apart doodle. So I hope you enjoy it. Check out her battle too, she is working on multiple teams to beat her. If your really into pet battles keep a eye on her or give her some questions! She knows her stuff. =)

Me Time…

So I have been doing what I can and honestly not finishing many of my works.  I would like to just put this out that for the moment I am going on a little hiatus on some pieces of work for the time being. I need to get back to my old skill and relearn many things that I once knew. So…

- I will probably, if posting, sketches to relearn as much of anatomy as I possibly can.

- If I do not post on the blog I will be posting some on my Twitter account.

- Not all work will be done on the tablet so I will probably break out my camera, because I have no scanner anymore, and try to take clean shots of somethings in my sketch book.

Now I am not sure on how long I will take but I am becoming my own worst critic at this time to my own work, and I do very much appreciate the many comments from you all, but I am doing as much research as I can to improve my work and better myself for the viewers that I have. I truly appreciate the time you took reading this if you gotten this far and will try my best to better myself for not just myself but you all as well. Thank you for your time. =)

CM Coolidge

So I have been working on this one for a while. Technically not really working on it but more like finding enough time to actually work on it.


So I finally this past week had enough time to get this doodle finished. Coming home and passing out was mainly my week until I got the time to do this.

So I really like the Paladin CM set, wish Blizz made the red version a “horde” specific version but I will live. So here you all go. I am still alive just work has really slowed me down. Hope you all enjoy it. ^.^