CM Coolidge

So I have been working on this one for a while. Technically not really working on it but more like finding enough time to actually work on it.


So I finally this past week had enough time to get this doodle finished. Coming home and passing out was mainly my week until I got the time to do this.

So I really like the Paladin CM set, wish Blizz made the red version a “horde” specific version but I will live. So here you all go. I am still alive just work has really slowed me down. Hope you all enjoy it. ^.^


Final Product of the Vikings.


I can actually say this was a painfully done picture. Hurt my wrist early in the week so it was not fun. On that note, Hope you all enjoy it. =)

Oh, and now I just don’t have tons of sexy gals. Three hairy guys balances it out. =p