Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Salvage Yard Gear

So here is the Salvage Yard gear/mog for paladin and priest. They are very nice sets for the classes if your into the whole dungeon 1 redo nostalgia type look.


So I thought I might do a comic strip in the future but still debating if I should use these types of characters for it. Who knows! Hope you enjoy this. =)

Quick Blood elf Doodle.

So with the recent posting of the new Blood elf models in the works, I thought I would do a quick doodle of something. My sweetheart Cym can vouch for me that I worked on this in the time of a 45min show.


I know I know, totally a males perspective on a female. Give me some slack! Atleast it is PG-13. =p

So first day of WoD. Not really unexpected of the mayhem that has been going on but not something I say many have been enjoying. Almost impossible to start your Garrison, people not being able to go through the Dark Portal, NPCs disappearing and reappearing, Long Que times, and the DDoS problem atm. If it is not one thing it is another.

So I am not going to go on and on about hating this and that when I know how fun this Expansion will be. I was one of the lucky ones that got in on the Beta, and somewhat early at it. One thing I do know is that I had loads of fun in the Beta and held myself back from doing way too much to ruin the experience for when the real thing came out.

In my probably one day of playtime so far I will say that I have gotten the first zone complete and a well enough establish Garrison that I had several followers, my Level 2 Mine, and professions in the works. Probably some are ahead and some are behind from what I have done.

Just keep in mind all the problems are being worked on. There is millions of players and only a small army worth of Blizzard employees, and I do believe they have been working on solutions as much as possible to be able to let the player base actually “Play” the game a whole lot smoother. You might think Beta was the time for them to fix all this, but everyone needs to realize they gave it to a handful of people compared to releasing this into the entire world. Problems occur, they will be fixed, just need to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. =)

Invisible 2-Hander

So I have known this for awhile, and it happened when 6.0 came out. So if your a class that can wear/Transmog Polearms you can have some fun before Blizz notices it.


Sturdy Yaungol Spear

This is a Treasure weapon in Pandaria. Now the thing with this at the moment is if you transmog this your weapon disappears. Now you will still have the stance like your holding a weapon but nothing will be there and you will be punching everything. I hope you all enjoy this.

Happy Hallow’s End!

I hope you all a wonderful Halloween with lots of trick or treats, and a great Hallow’s End. That you all get all the loots, toys, and achievements you’ve been looking for. So in the words of the Headless Horseman, “The town still burns a cleansing fire, Time is short! I’ll soon retire!” So make it count! =)


Panda Gal

Don’t really have much to say, just enjoy. =)


CM Tallys

Another masterpiece complete!!!


So I have a question to my viewers. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in commission work of this caliber for your character? I would like to find a generalized ballpark to where my viewers enjoy the work. Another example would be the last image I did of Cymre for her Pet Master npc. Would very much appreciate the feedback on this idea. Thanks for looking.

Grand Master Pet Trainer

So something that I was working on for some time
So ya! Been working on this and was, at the time I started, waiting for the npc so I could have a reference to work with. This was a really picked apart doodle. So I hope you enjoy it. Check out her battle too, she is working on multiple teams to beat her. If your really into pet battles keep a eye on her or give her some questions! She knows her stuff. =)


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