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People… Bust pics


First is Elvine, probably a lot of people know of him. Just gonna add I heard that he put this up on his facebook as a fan pic. Truly I am not a “fan” of his. =p I know of him and just thought up a random person to draw… he just happened to come to mind.


Next is my ol friend Navimie. Story behind doing this for her and not going into it. =D

Hope you all enjoy.


Time To Faff

So I have no clue what “faff” was until Cym told me, but anyway. Thought I would just do something random and nice for someone. So I picked Tome, from Tome of the Ancient. I know you are a druid fan and your a white alliance cat. So here you go!


Just through this together after work and hope you like it Tome. If you would like a copy with a blank background just give me a holler!

Old Picture

So here is a pretty old little doodle I did back in one of my college classes. You can even see how small it is by the hole in the paper.


And to add I have been working on other pieces but recently with work and getting sick really slows a person down on doing anything. So hope this old mini owlkin will suffice.