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My 2 cents on Prot Paladin Alpha


So I thought I would do a look over on the talents, abilities, and so far “new” stuff that will be placed for Prot Paladins. I’ll try and make this as organized as I possibly can and without too many grammar errors. I will not be doing any number crunches or anything of that sort, there is already sites out there that does all the work for you ahead, and when the content is out.

Passive Spec Abilities

Resolve – Pretty much this is the new version on Vengeance, excluding that it does not increase your Attack Power. The way it works it pretty much the same way now just not allowing tanks to be pulling these insane damage numbers during raids.

Guarded by the Light – Now Word of Glory will be instant. The reason is this skill will have a 1.5 cast time. Also your Spell Power will be equal to 100% of your Attack Power instead of just 50%.

Supplication – Instead of guaranteeing a critical with Flash of Light it will now increase the heal by 100% and 50% chance to be critical.

Sanctuary – It will now have a 3% reduce chance your attacks will be Parried. This is due to the no Hit or Expertise anymore.

New Passive Spec Abilities

Shining ProtectorAll heals you receive have a chance equal to your multistrike chance to trigger Shining Protector, healing you for an additional 30% of the triggering heal. Now does this just mean the heals you receive from others and/or heals that you receive from yourself. I am not a alpha tester so this is something I cannot test but we shall see later.

RiposteYou gain Parry equal to 100% of your Critical Strike from gear. This is something other tanks will get as well. I gotta give a thumbs up to Blizzard on thinking of a neat way of keeping Parry through another Stat.

Haste AttunementYou gain 5% more of the Haste stat from all sources. Now this is something that just recently has been added, will it stay? Here is hoping. Every class spec has a attunement of a specific stat that will have a overall gain.


Mastery: Divine Bulwark – So they have added to all tanks a flat 8% Attack Power increase to each of their Masteries.

Talent Changes

So probably a lot of paladins already noticed they did a big overhaul of the numbers to specific abilities, mainly heals that I noticed, but there is a few little changes that needs to be pointed out.

Eternal Flame – So probably can just say a majority of prot paladins run with Eternal Flame because if just outshines the other talents in row 3. (This next bit is just a example without putting haste into any equation.) Now at the moment when cast it heals every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, with an addition of 50% overĀ  time heal when cast on self. This allows a good 45 seconds of Healing over time. So now here is the part the needs to be mentioned. In WoD Eternal Flame will heal for every 2 seconds for 10 seconds with the same 50% effect if cast on self to a total of 15 seconds. We just lost 30 seconds of healing over time. This is going to make, kinda force, our talent Sacred Shield as a better option for people that like to have the constant ticking ability. Now I am not personally saying we lost our go-to talent but like I said above I do not have the alpha to test this and number crunching can go so far.

Level 100 Talents

Empowered Seals – Now from what I have read and heard this is looking at the moment as a real go to talent. The reason is Seal of Insight. The 5% heal every 2 seconds for 20 seconds if quite nice. Last that I have heard the paladins Resolve is effecting that 5% and making it much bigger than it should be. Now I personally believe this is not meant to happen and will probably be fixed, but I could be wrong as well.

Seraphim – Now for a ability that cost 5 Holy Power, 30 second cooldown, and only works 10 seconds, it really is not something that shines that well. It will not be that impressive at first because numbers will be low and the increase will not be very impressive. It probably will be a nice talent later in the coming expansion but the way it works the talent will shine a bit more for a retribution paladin than a protection. Protection does not build Holy Power as fast as Ret, in short something that in my opinion will be shelved until later, maybe, … I could be wrong.

Holy Shield – Now to me I love this, if you know about the old thorns pvp paladin, that is the reason why. But seriously, this is a nice talent as well. A 10% increase block chance, allows chance to block spells, and when you block you deal 50% of your attack power as holy damage. Simple, does not require any button mashing as well.

I think I have covered a good amount of simple information, mainly common sense stuff. Now again, I do not have alpha and cannot 100% back up anything that I have said with hard evidence. I will also add that I am no insane uber prot paladin, but I do feel I have a good understanding of tanking. Tanking is pretty much what I have always done in any MMO game I have ever played so I hope this information can help you out or you might take it as a grain of salt.

All this information can be changed at anytime due to it is Alpha and we have a ways of going before WoD. I hope this is a helpful read.