Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Time To Faff

So I have no clue what “faff” was until Cym told me, but anyway. Thought I would just do something random and nice for someone. So I picked Tome, from Tome of the Ancient. I know you are a druid fan and your a white alliance cat. So here you go!


Just through this together after work and hope you like it Tome. If you would like a copy with a blank background just give me a holler!


Comments on: "Time To Faff" (12)

  1. I bet she’ll love it!

  2. OMG! It’s wonderful Cool! I love it and I would very much like a copy with no background. If this is your first attempt at faffing you better keep it up as you have the makings of a world class faffer!

  3. What a cool cat, and really nice suprise for Tome. πŸ™‚

  4. That’s a cutie!! Great work!

  5. That is an awesome pic Coolidge πŸ˜€ I think this blog is one of the best things you’ve done, so you can share all this awesome art!

  6. This is SO awesome! I love cats, have rescued and spayed/neutered over 40 irl, and you got the tongue licking the paw detail spot on! Very, very cool!

    • I have many models. There is… Sunny, Willy, Marmalade (Little Orange), Wee, Princess, Mittens, Big Tom, Little Tom, Hermine, Tip (Mama), and Bubba. =p
      That is all my rl cats.
      No they do not all stay inside, yes most of them are farm cats, and I live in farmlands.

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