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My Years with a Bubbly Gal

So it has been a very long time with my sweetheart Cymre. She means the world to me and she is my best friend. I can honestly say that I would be lost without her. So for my Valentine to her I made some chibi scenes from our past experiences. Hope you all enjoy them and especially hope that you love them Cym. =)


So when I first met her it was through a friend. She came to meet me because back in the day, Vanilla WoW, she was told that I had another faction mount. I was a tauren on a wolf. Getting another factions mount was a very big feat because of the amount of runecloth it required to get your reputation up. At that time I think she was impressed on how cool the mount looked. We became friends shortly after and something in me made it my soul mission to help her get the rep for the mount. So I farmed so much cloth for her.

When the day came that she had the rep I could tell her in voice the amount of excitement she had building up, and I was so happy for her aswell. She got the Swift Grey Wolf and we set off parading around. Two taurens on giant wolves. Not many had other faction mounts on our server so we stood out like big hairy thumbs.


Burning Crusade

Burning Crusade came out. The excitement of making blood elves and having a Priest and Paladin combination on the Horde was the greatest. Before we made our elves back in Vanilla we made a human priest and paladin combination shortly before they removed the PvP titles back in the day. At that time they were our practice runs. We quickly leveled those two up and got them to rank 10 before they shut the titles off. With practice under our belts and experience of running dungeons, just the two of us, we were ready to take on Outlands.

So when we first made our elves it was great. As my sweetheart knows, the sweet smell of making a new toon and leveling them up together is my favorite thing to do with her. There were some different things about us back then before people knew about us now. Mainly our hairstyles. =p


Even back then before she became my great Discipline priest, she was constantly popping my bubbles. =)

Lich King

The Frozen throne was a great expansion for us. I was completely lore buffed to everything happening and Cym was becoming more excited about exploring. This was the time we mainly started Tanking and Healing together. We technically started in BC but the main reason was we needed tanks and healers to raid, so we both bit the bullet on it. I will say though this was when we became a unstoppable force of two. Many of the people we raided with knew that if you put Cym and I on a mob that needs to be held the entire fight, good chance we would be the last two to die in the raid. My shield and her bubbles, nothing would push us around.

So during that time Blizzard announce that they would be removing the Tiger and Raptor mount from ZG. So my mission was set. I must get Cym a Tiger, and it was a uphill fight. Week after week we would go in and kill the Tiger boss for the chance for it to drop. It was getting very close to the time they would patch it and remove the mount. And just like that, it was probably 2-3 weeks from the patch and the Tiger drops. I was so happy, I know Cym was happy. The squeez flooded into my head, yes everyone when Cymre is so happy she squeez. =p



From one of the greatest expansions to, I would say, the worst for us. At the time raiding became the past. Because of an action I took in a guild a uproar came with it. I still say to this day it was a misunderstanding but the past is the past. Cym and I then started our own 2 person guild. It was great. No one to bother us, we would do stuff around “our” time, and with archeology just came out Cymre was like a kid in a candy store.

So eventually at a point in the expansion we tried to just make a 10 person raid guild. This was a bad idea. I truly wish I never did it because of how it effected us. Now I don’t mind telling people this but I have a anger problem, I am much better than what I was, but at that time trying to maintain the people and explain raid fights. Something about it just bothered me. I use to help explain and suggest stuff all the time in the past raids but this just wasn’t right. Without going into a too long explanation I’m just going to say something happened within the guild which made me explode. This was my only time within the game that someone did something too make Cymre cry. I was in shark mode. I literally wanted to harm that person with every fiber of my being. This is all I am saying for this. This expansion could not of left sooner.



Finally, back to just the two of us. It could not of come any sooner, and did we ever enjoy it. Now during this expansion Cymre was becoming even more into the Explorer she is today. Oh the excitement in her voice as well. Having a asian style expansion just put goosebumps on her.

We did so many older raids to get transmog gear and to Cym’s delight the Ulduar mace! Oh, she wanted a legendary for such a long time. Now having to do Ulduar on 25 was a bit tough in the older expansions but it was finally to the point was could farm the place just the two of us, and did we ever. I swear, like clockwork when that raid lockout would reset she would want to go right back in. When the day came to finish the quest to get the mace we had brought a few friends with to help, just in case of trouble. =p But just like that, she got her mace. I haven’t heard her excitement squeez for such a long time delight filled me up. I was so happy she finally got a legendary that she could actually hold in her hand.


I feel very lucky, if not privileged, to have such a best friend, sweetheart, and love in my life. This might be sappy but she knows I gotta be the sappiest and corniest person around, but Cymre means the world to me. Before I had her I was such a gloomy person. Easy to put a face on for someone around but truly not feel the way I look. She has changed me and made better, because I can’t be worse! buh-dump bump. =p I really wish I could do more for her. All-in-all I made this post not for just a sweet Valentine but to let the world know how much you mean to me. I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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  1. I love the pics and it means so much that you put a story to them as well. ❤

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  3. That is about the best Valentine I’ve ever seen!

  4. That is a lovely valentine’s present and the pics tell a great story 🙂

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