Art inspired from World of Warcraft

CM Tallys

Another masterpiece complete!!!


So I have a question to my viewers. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in commission work of this caliber for your character? I would like to find a generalized ballpark to where my viewers enjoy the work. Another example would be the last image I did of Cymre for her Pet Master npc. Would very much appreciate the feedback on this idea. Thanks for looking.


Comments on: "CM Tallys" (6)

  1. I’m not planning on getting any comissions done atm. But if I were I would consider you. I think the style of both this picture and the “Cymre Pet Master npc” are good for comissions, personally I might prefer the Pet Master one slightly. They are both great pictures that I think could peak the interest for someone looking for comissions. 🙂

    • I very much appreciate the feedback. I have for awhile a interest in this type of work, just I think I have been a bit leery mainly because unlike some other wowart people I just can’t pump out pictures as fast as them. Job, house work, etc… but I’ll keep what you said in mind. =)

  2. You know, the new models are growing on me. My hunter is looking fantastic!

  3. I love this one! Well, I love all of your work TBH. 🙂 I think you doing commissions is a fantastic idea and opportunity.

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