Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Female Warrior!

So I posted this as a sketch a while back and finally got up to finishing it, man I am lazy.


Old School Baby! Love those old pvp outfits. Think I got my thumb put down finally on a style I might stay with. So Cym was telling me she noticed I put the pants on females lower than they should, like hipsters or something. Hey, in my defense… well… I got nothing, I just like it! Anyway, please feel free to critique this to death, I take all comments and try my best to reply to all. Got some more coming in the near future so keep a eye out for WoW event stuff.


Comments on: "Female Warrior!" (4)

  1. Looks like she’s ready for business or needs to go to the toilet 😛

  2. Cymre! LOL! I admit as I first saw her my first thought was OMG! The girl’s about to lose her drawers! But you’re the artist and if you like those pants low, who’s to say no. I like the way she’s eying that sword.

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