Art inspired from World of Warcraft

For the Horde!

So this time around I got a awesomely hawt six pack female orc!

orcfemaleQuick question to any guy viewer first. Green women, whats up with that? Anyway, tried another difference race out. Trying to work with more muscle definition but still keep that “I am a badass.” kind of appearance. The outfit is the Netherblade set but with a bit of customization to it. Throw in a few horde boxes, a sentry tower, and in the middle of barrens. Voila!

Project took a week total but worked on it bit by bit after getting of work everyday so there was little time frames when I could work on it. If you like it please feel free to comment or critique it. Appreciate your time. ^.^

…and thank you Cym for helping me being my extra set of eyes. Your constant making me move things by small fractions kept me on my toes. =D


Comments on: "For the Horde!" (4)

  1. You’re welcome. Glad it turned out so well. 🙂

  2. I love her, and the setting is perfect too. I feel like I know exactly where in the Barrens she is.

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