Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Running for the Roses

So this weekend is the 140th Kentucky Derby. In commemoration for the Derby I just did a quick picture of my favorite horse mount in WoW at this time.


So like said above I just got off work and threw this picture together as fast as I could. It is my favorite mount in WoW actually at this time, not because it is new, but mainly due to the fact the amount of detail, cleanness, and basic elegant way this mount is. Love that the horse does not always have his wings out. Hope you all like it.

What is your favorite mount? and the reason behind it? =)


Comments on: "Running for the Roses" (4)

  1. Love it! I like the mount too and it’s one reason I like this over Tyrael’s mount (the wings). I still love using my disc though, plus it’s small enough not to get caught in doorways, etc.

  2. Many years ago I used to sit in the back of math class drawing horses so this is one of my favorites. Can’t go wrong with a horse!

    • It was one of my first things I drew in my first year of high school. My art teacher owns horses and would bring them to school and we would draw them.

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