Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Night Bath

So this is probably my first with a background to it.


The first thing I heard when I showed it to Cym was how she loved the eyes. =p

So I might start doing some of the other races and get a feel on how they are shaped/drawn. Does this mean I’ll stop drawing Cym? NEVA! I need to keep working on my model until I get that perfect image of her. Anyway, like always feel free to comment, critic, and just enjoy the image! Just 1 more picture for improvement. =)


Comments on: "Night Bath" (8)

  1. Not just the eyes I just love but the model, moon and stars in general. There’s a real improvement when comparing this to your previous ones. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m just curious, is there a story in your head when you draw. For some reason with a background I keep wondering where is she? Why does she look a little sad, who is she? Oh no! I’ll bet you didn’t think that when you added backgrounds people would want back stories!

    • Honestly nowhere in particular, just a random character in a random setting. It is something to consider but doing something random breaks up the thinking process, and if you knew me like Cym does there is a lot of time I really just want to be brain dead. On making her look sad, that really did not go through my head at all. Just a blah look to me but that is good to know so I should work on the faces more. Thanks for the comment.

    • If it helps any, like I said before it was just done random to break up the thinking process. I worked on a few other pictures before I did this and one that comes to mind was a Cymre Jones one. Mainly, due to the fact that I worked on this the day after just because I felt like doing something and when I got done the first thing I heard from Cym was how she loved the look of her eyes compared to her Cymre Jones. Now she knows I have been doing many different eyes and you probably can tell through the pictures I have done but it is because I have not yet settled down to the perfect eye in my mind. With a 1 day difference just putting up the Cymre Jones and this pic side by side the improvements can be seen.
      I don’t know if my wall of text answers your question =p but the point is something to change things up mainly. Plus I was in the mood for something to draw. Again, thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks! I too love her eyes!

  4. Funny, to me she looks lonely v.s. sad! When I first read this I thought, “Pick me Pick me!” I’ll pose for you to practice female Draenei on! Which you should of course because WoD will be all about Draenei πŸ˜‰ Which is also why I visited your commissions page lol. OK, I’ll stop bugging you now and go find some other blogger to pester.

    • Heh, your no bother. Ya, I need to do something about that commissions page. I told this to Cym and probably just post to cover that right now it is hard on time to work on so many things that is why I try to post 1 thing a week, at least!
      Commissions will be opened in the future at some point. I am my own worst critic and at this time feel like I want to work on some more pieces and find a style I like to stick with.
      Appreciate the comments and hope you will like some work done in the future. =)

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