Art inspired from World of Warcraft

Detailed Cym

Apologize for the late post. Hard to get something worked on when I got a ton of outdoor work to do and on top of that worked on 2 engines, that didn’t help any in the end, but I got something out now.

So Cym has been eyeballing my detailed Coolidge banner and was wondering what Cymre would look like if I made a version of her. Mainly I think it is the blood elf eyes I made. So here is hoping this is a version of her that she will like.


Think I might start sticking to the more realistic looking drawings but who knows. Hope you like it Cym and if anyone else likes it to please critique the heck out of this version on Cymre.


Comments on: "Detailed Cym" (8)

  1. Looks like the start of a great ‘real life’ series. It looks just as good as I imagined, even though she doesn’t have the same bold lines as yours. I really love the softer feel and it’s true, the eyes were the first thing that drew me to your banner.

  2. I envy your talents with drawings and detailed art like this ahhhh… Anyway looks wonderful! 🙂

  3. Love Cym’s mesmerizing eyes!

  4. I enjoy how you’ve done the highlighting on the black hair and eyebrows. I have a hard time doing shadows and highlights on black or very dark art. Of course nothing is truly totally black, the secret is in the subtle colour change for the shadows and highlights. I usually work in the warm colour spectrum and am not very good at subtlety in the cool colours. I’d be interested to know what your workflow is with this. Do you start with a black fill block and work up or do you start with a light block and keep adding the dark? Do you always use the blue spectrum for black or do you switch to purple or another colour? Have bookmarked this to use as a reference.

    • I have a really hard time as well with black hair. But the way I learned on the tablet, a lot of experimenting, I start with a solid black. Then it is kind of a default to me to use a blue, mainly due to the fact the sky is blue. I know it sounds a bit dumb or odd but think of it like if you had a red light bulb. Turn it on you will be lit up and bright but you will have a reddish tent to your body where ever the light hits. So then if you have black hair the light shine will make it red. Get it? =p
      I hope that can explain/help you in your question and I totally did not make it worse for you. Shadows and highlights is really something that takes time to practice. Working them into my tablet/program is a lot different since I feel like I am using a pencil to draw but it also is not a pencil since, well, it is a tablet pen. =p

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